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Claiming the Name

Tijuana Trips

You heard it here first. Spread it amongst your friends ( the name, not the flu)


Greatest Hits

Most bands who have at least moderate success manage only one great album in their career. So if you were trapped on an island (or any Dharma Initiative Isolation Installation TM) with your favorite band’s greatest hits album, what is the one other essential album you must also have? I’ll start:

Easy to decide:

Nirvana – Nevermind

Boston – Boston

Beastie Boys – Ill Communication

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction

Moby – Play

The Amazing Royal Crowns -The Amazing Royal Crowns

Alice In Chains – Dirt

Portishead – Dummy

Gorillaz – Demon Days


Beck – Odelay

Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To the Head

The Chemical Brothers – Exit Planet Dust

Daft Punk – Discovery

The Who – Who’s Next

Morphine – Cure For Pain

Bjork – Post

Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland

The Black Crowes – The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion

Radiohead – OK Computer

Hard to decide:

U2 – Joshua Tree vs Achtung Baby  —— Bono Fight!

The Beatles – White Album? Sgt. Pepper’s magical acid trip?

AC/DC – they are all the same so flip a coin?

Grateful Dead – which album is most flammable for your signal fire?

Incubus – CD may be sharpened so as to end your time on this miserable island.


Tax Time Cometh

Upon my morning constitutional jog on the Minuteman Bicycle Path, I happened upon a group of Redcoats at Alwewife pond in Cambridge. Fortunately as a good Bofton militiaman I had my hand-rifle made by the Germanic peoples and was prepared to defend my rights and freedoms as a citizen in case these regulars were up to No Good.


They were making their way to Lexington, I supposed, at a goodly clip, so I noted their passage and hereon post this as a warning to the good people of the colonies:

The British are coming to collect their taxes – and 233 years of penalties.


Dating Disasters – Part 3

Romantic dinner fail




OK, if you are having a party don’t buy plates with the reason for the party printed on them. I don’t need to be reminded that it’s “Game time!” or it’s my “Happy Birthday!” or I’m having “Happy Holidays!”.

The food on the plate has already obscured the message, and if I’m too young or old and senile to not understand why I’m at a party, the plate is not going to improve my comprehension.


dating disasters – part 2

Some advice for the ladies on dating sites – do not post photos of yourself wearing sports team apparel:

1) You immediately rule out all the guys that hate said team.

2) You attract men who have such interesting hobbies as: sitting on the couch, drinking beer, yelling, occasional rioting.

3) The only time you see Hollywood starlets wearing these items are when they are caught in a tabloid “candid” photo out buying smokes or coke. Don’t do what Britney does.

4) The tomboy look tends to appeal to lesbians and gays in denial. This is not what you signed up at the dating site to find. Next time try Craigslist.

So until Vera Wang starts making evening dresses that say “Brady” on the back with big numbers, avoid the caps and jerseys.


Damn kids and their music – part 1

A few songs/band names that are somewhat … strange …

Put Some Grit in It  – Karachi Prison Band

Bollywood Beatdown – Stanton Warriors

Hired Goons – Evil Nine

I Feel Good, Put Your Pants On – Jackson Jones

(all are real songs – and some are good)